To make PHP and JavaScript developers highly efficient in working with open source based software and data formats.


Ever since I started programming I have been fascinated with user interfaces, metadata, data processing, input and output requirements and how it impacts system design. This realization came long after I took up the hobby of programming more than 15 years ago. My first system proper was a website generator that sucked in text files to generate HTML written in QBasic.

I soon realized I thoroughly enjoyed automating, over-engeneering and building metadata driven frameworks to make my own life and my colleagues lives easier and more productive. To my dismay this led to countless overnighters desperately trying to hold together complex frameworks and trying to get the next level of abstraction right while clients were breathing down my neck. I often caught myself thinking about why I keep digging myself into these holes given the stress they put me under.

What I have finally realized is that for the past 15 years I have been slowly preparing myself for what I think is my true calling. I am a tool maker. The enjoyment I get working on toolchains is second only to the love for my wife. Luckily through my experience over the years I have been able to refine my mostly self-taught foundation and test my ideas on real systems and real workflows in commercial and open source environments.

I believe true innovation is inspired, passion ignited and real impact made when you do what you love. I always knew I was on to something but was never able to get it working the way I wanted and thus never had the confidence to publish my work. I finally made the decision to work on my dream full time not knowing where it would lead me.

Let me sum up by saying that when I removed other's commercial interests by going independent my field of view opened up and my ability to follow my instincts was strengthened bringing back memories of when I programmed only for fun. The open source community has been an incredible source of inspiration and bouncing board to validate my work and recent technological advancements have finally provided me with the stack I need to implement my ideas.

I now come to you with the hope that you will benefit from my passion and take the foundation I am implementing to the next level. I don't consider myself a programmer after all. I am a tool maker.


Christoph, born in Frankfurt Germany, moved with his family to Perth Australia at aged 12. His father, a computer software engineer, provided the exposure Christoph needed to ignite his innate ability to understand and work with software. After fast-tracking through highschool Christoph began studying at the Univeristy of Queensland for a degree in business at age 16.

Half way into his degree Christoph participated in a study exchange to complete his degree at the University of Calgary in Canada. At 19 Christoph started his first software company, with a fellow classmate, growing the business in 5 years to employ 15 people. During the same time Christoph became a partner in a large-scale social networking site.

During subsequent years Christoph sold his commercial interests, wound down his partnerships and began consulting with the goal to work on his true passion. Since then Christoph has immersed himself in the PHP and JavaScript open source communities and has conducted his own extensive research and development to bring his dreams to life.

Christoph currently lives in a self-built home in West Kelowna, Canada with his soulmate and wife Tabatha. They got married on 8/8/8, are planning to have kids soon and follow an organic lifestyle. Tabatha is an endless source of strength and inspiration for Christoph. Together they operate their lifestyle business Dorn Consulting Inc.

Achievements / Involvements / Work

Avid open source developer

Technical book review for O'Reilly: Developing Large Web Applications

Member of CommonJS Standardization Community

Zend Certified Engineer for PHP 5

Technical book review for O'Reilly: Learning PHP, MySQL, and JavaScript

Article for php|architect: November 2008 Issue - /etc: FirePHP for Ajax Development (read free online)

Zend Framework Contributor: Zend_Log_Writer_Firebug, Zend_Db_Profiler_Firebug & Zend_Wildfire

Member of Firebug Working Group

Author of FirePHP with 600,000+ downloads

Personally built 1,700 sqft home with wife Tabatha

Started software development company at age 19

University of Queensland: Bachelor of Business (Management)

Graduated with honors from High School at age 16


With 10 years of professional exposure to technology, Christoph has participated in all aspects of the field. His experience includes lead developer, project manager, systems architect and integrator, CTO, consultant, and software business owner.

With a degree in business and having lived in three countries (Germany, Australia, and Canada) Christoph has an international perspective on strategy and business solutions. One of his key assets is his ability to understand and visualize complex technical systems and processes in a business context and translate between technical and business languages. He has vast experience isolating the non-technical management of a company from the complexities of the technical aspects. He specializes in open source technology, enjoys public speaking, and working with industry experts.

Christoph is committed to developing high quality software and making a positive impact. He is dedicated in furthering the advancement of today's technology and genuinely interested in user feedback to focus further development. Christoph is passionate about creating enjoyable software with open source at it's core and the future in mind.

Key Skills

In-depth understanding and ability to comprehend advantages, rationale, theory, architecture and implementation of complex applications and systems, comprehensive application frameworks, content management systems and business portals/dashboards.

Strong software design skills focusing on reusable and modular system architectures for rapid development environments utilizing open and closed software projects with a focus on the PHP and JavaScript programming languages and associated technologies.

Comprehensive knowledge of: PHP, JavaScript, AJAX, Firefox Extensions, CommonJS, HTML, JSON, XML, CSS, Java, SQL, CGI, DNS, SMTP, MIME, RPC, httpd, nginx, MySQL, Memcache, Redis, MongoDB, AWS, Google AppEngine, CentOS, FreeBSD, Linux, Eclipse, Git, SVN, Photoshop.

Open source, developer tools, tools development, developer efficiency, application & system architecture, program composition, component distribution, technical workflow automation, continuous build integration, collaborative & distributed development, mass & cloud deployment, web services, system & gateway integration, rapid application development, high-traffic server clusters, load balancing, information architecture, system monitoring, code and system review, navigation and user-interface design, website management and maintenance, legacy applications, developer team management, software project management.


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