FirePHP 0.2 Released
October 22, 2008
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I have released a new version of FirePHP. You can download it here. It will also be available on the Mozilla Add-ons site in a few days.

The release includes 27 bug fixes and feature enhancements. The scope of this release was primarily focused on improving the current feature set in terms of usability, reliability and support for logging complex objects. You can find the changelog here.

After installing the FirePHP 0.2 extension you will be directed to the Install page after your next Firefox restart. On this page you need to download the updated FirePHPCore library. Next you can visit the Learn page for information on how to get started with FirePHP. Finally refer to the Usage page as a reference for all supported features.

I want to thank everyone who has participated in the Community Forum and Issue Tracker to report, test and resolve issues. Your help has been invaluable to make this release possible.

Finally, I have a new Contribution page that includes a Donation button. If FirePHP saves you time I encourage you to donate what you believe is reasonable. It will allow me to spend more time maintaining FirePHP and make improvements that are suggested.

The 0.2 release includes the following improvements. See the Usage page for more information.

Enhanced object logging

FirePHP will now log and display non-static private and protected object members. If they are declared static they can be logged with PHP 5.3. The variable viewer will indicate the visibility with a little icon. Red is private, orange is protected and green is public. Grey means undeclared (you have assigned a value but not declared the variable in the class) and the square means it is static.

Logging complex objects containing cyclical references to many other objects is no longer a problem. By using options you can now specify the mximum depth to traverse objects and arrays. You can also exclude specific object members from being logged in order to remove infomation that is not required and will only slow down your debugging.

File and Line Information

By default you can see the source file name and line number where each message was triggered when you hover over the message in the Firebug Console.

Full UTF-8 and Latin-1 Support

FirePHP now supports UTF-8 and Latin-1 (ISO-8859-1) encoded files and strings. All other encodings should work as well as all data gets converted to UTF-8.

Enhanced Variable display in Console

The variable display in the Console has been completely overhauled. Different types of variables including objects and labels are now properly displayed, abbreviated and highlighted.

Other Improvements

  • The Variable Viewer can be resized
  • FirePHP will tell you when you need to upgrade your server library
  • Built-in error and exception handlers
  • Message grouping
  • New object oriented API to access FirePHP via static methods
  • Support for Firebug 1.3
October 23, 2008

Thanks for the awesome tool… I have integrated FireBug into my framework and it is a lifesaver!

Clayton Scott
November 28, 2008

HI Chris,
Is there any chance that the FirePHP server side output format is documented anywhere? I’d like to build a perl server side version.

Christoph Dorn
November 28, 2008

There is information available here:

Post in the forums if you have any problems and I will be happy to help.

I look forward to seeing your library!

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