FirePHP Updates
October 28, 2010

I have finished and released updates to the FirePHP Firefox Extension, FirePHPCore Server Library and Zend Framework implementation. The updates include various bug fixes and new features.

FirePHP Firefox Extension 0.5.0

Install from:

  • Support for Firefox 4
  • Support for Firebug 1.7
  • Option to not change the User-Agent request header. In the Firefox menu go to: Tools -> FirePHP -> Options and uncheck Modify User-Agent Header. You must be using FirePHPCore 0.3.2+ or Zend Framework 1.10.3+.
  • Option to show Variable Viewer on click (vs hover). In the Firefox menu go to: Tools -> FirePHP -> Options and check Click for Variable Viewer.
  • More reliable logging when lots of messages are combined with groups

This release will go live on Mozilla Add-ons once it passes the review process.

FirePHPCore Server Library 0.3.2

Install from:

  • Workaround if getallheaders() does not exist
  • Proper UTF8 encoding via mbstring if installed
  • Support clients that set X-FirePHP-Version header instead of modifying User-Agent
  • Fixes for PHP 5.1 compatibility
  • Added maxDepth option
  • Changed registerErrorHandler() to not throw by default to allow for multiple errors to be logged

This release is also available via the pear channel.

Zend Framework 1.11

Install from:

  • (ZF-9346) Check for X-FirePHP-Version header in addition to User-Agent
  • (ZF-10537) File & Line info is incorrect for FirePHP messages sent via Zend_Wildfire
  • (ZF-10526) Zend_Controller_Request_Simple and Zend_Db_Profiler_Firebug

FirePHP 1.0 BETA

FirePHP 1.0 is coming along nicely and you can try out the beta at:

It is pretty stable and quite functional and I encourage you to check it out. It will not take long before it goes live. I’ll be blogging much more about FirePHP 1.0 in the near future.

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