FirePHP 1.0 in 5 Steps
November 29, 2010

Get started with FirePHP 1.0 in 5 steps. Why upgrade? Check out the new features.


Step 1: Install FirePHP Companion

Step 2: Download FirePHP 1.0

Extract the archive and put the lib directory on your include path.

Step 3: Include in application

define('INSIGHT_IPS', '*');
define('INSIGHT_AUTHKEYS', 'client-auth-key');
define('INSIGHT_PATHS', dirname(__FILE__));
define('INSIGHT_SERVER_PATH', '/index.php');

This code must be included by every page on your site and is best placed at the top of your bootstrap file.

The INSIGHT_SERVER_PATH constant must point to any page that loads the code above.

Step 4: Authorize Client

Open Firebug, enable the Console, Net and Insight panels and select the Console panel.

Load a page from your application and look for the Authorization Key logged to the Firebug Console.

Update the INSIGHT_AUTHKEYS constant in your code with the Authorization Key copied from the Firebug Console.

Step 5: Log test message

Place the following into a page in your application:

$inspector = FirePHP::to('page');
$console = $inspector->console();
$console->log('Hello World');

Refresh the browser and look for Hello World in the Firebug Console.


  • See if you are upgrading from a previous version of FirePHP.
  • Update the INSIGHT_IPS constant to a comma separated list of allowed IP addresses to further tighten security. FirePHP will only announce itself to these IP addresses.
  • Separate multiple keys by comma in the INSIGHT_AUTHKEYS constant.
  • See Install for complete installation and configuration instructions.
  • See Tutorials for a growing list of step-by-step guides.
  • See API for the complete API reference.
  • See FAQs for a growing list of frequently asked questions.
  • See OpenSource to get support and contribute to FirePHP and related projects.


FirePHP 1.0 is still in BETA but quite functional and stable. All documentation will be released on the FirePHP website along with a complete redesign together with the first stable release.

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