FirePHP has evolved ... introducing FirePHP 1.0!

To date FirePHP has been used to log from PHP scripts to the Firebug Console. It has been a great help especially when working with AJAX requests but has left many wishing for more. Your wishes were heard and everything is about to be taken up a notch with an all new FirePHP 1.0!

FirePHP 1.0 is a PHP library that integrates a variety of development tools and combines error reporting and print debugging with console logging to aid in PHP application development. It is ideally suited for modern AJAX applications and shared nothing architectures and of great assistance in legacy application maintenance.

To accomplish this focus a new client extension is needed. Meet FirePHP Companion, intended to accompany you in your daily PHP work.

Existing FirePHP users: Visit for a step-by-step upgrade guide.

NOTE: FirePHP 1.0 is currently in BETA and will make it onto the site soon.

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